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Our community is built using the Slack platform, an instant messenger that provides a truly customizable experience for each member. Slack has incredible mobile and desktop apps, as well as uniquely tailored notification preferences, so you can decide when and how’d you like to be notified.

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our channels:


This channel is for announcements and other important information! Only administrators and moderators can post here.


Anything goes here. Have fun, ask questions, chat it up.


New to #kearney? Post an introduction in here letting everyone know who you are, what you do, and what you're working on right now.


This channel is for business talk. Ask for advice, discuss tactics, etc.. As long as its business-related, it’s fair game.


Marketing is tricky. Share tips, ask for advice, get feedback on your own ideas, and discuss strategy.


Have tips, tricks, or strategies for #killing it with social media? Post them here! Need help or advice from others? This is the place to hash it out together.


You can advertise job openings here or let people know you’re looking for work. We recommend messaging employers or workers directly in response to their posts.


This channel is mostly for businesses offering special deals, sales, and offering their services. If you have questions, we recommend messaging business owners directly.


Geek it up! Talk about tech problems, share cool new tech apps. Anything tech related goes here. Web Developers, this is for you.